Baltic Home Improvements

Financing a large home improvement job can be expensive. This can be especially troubling if the job is one that needs to be done immediately, such as repairs to a leaky roof, and you do not have liquid funds available to pay for it right away.

Fortunately, Baltic Home Improvements has teamed up with EnerBank USA® to provide solutions to homeowners in the Chicagoland area.

EnerBank USA is an FDIC-insured bank headquartered in Salt Lake City. Since 2002, EnerBank has been providing home financing options to homeowners through independent contractors.  For homeowners who do not wish to go through a lengthy home-equity loan application process or those who do not want a lien put on their property while financing their home improvement jobs,financing through Baltic Home Improvements and EnerBank is an ideal solution.

The loan process is simple. It can be done over the phone and you can know within minutes if you have been approved. There are no closing costs, long applications or extensive waiting times involved in this process. Also, because the loan is unsecured, meaning it is not made against your property, you will still be able to take out a home equity loan for something else if the need arises.

Visit EnerBank’s website to learn more about their fixed-rate loan offerings, orcontact a professional at Baltic Home Improvements who can explain your options to you and schedule an appointment for a free estimate on your home improvement job.

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