Accreditation by the Better Business Bureau is a Big Deal

You have likely seen the “BBB Accredited” seal on some company’s websites. These seals are displayed proudly because BBB Accreditation is not easy to get.  There are several criteria that a business must meet before the Better Business Bureau will bestow this accreditation, and a company that fails to   live up to these standards will find their accreditation revoked.

Some of the many things the BBB looks for include:

    • At least 12 months of proven reliability and service
    • Honesty in advertising
    • Full-disclosure to customers regarding costs, warranties, contact information and the company’s refund policy
    • Fulfillment of all signed contracts
    • A commitment to resolving any problems as quickly as possible
    • Respect for customer privacy
    • Approaching all jobs and transactions with integrity

For the full list of requirements, you can check out the Better Business Bureau’s listing here.

Baltic Home Improvements is proud to be a Better Business Bureau accredited roofing and home contracting company. When residents of the Chicagoland area entrust their home improvement projects to us, they can rest assured that they are in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about the products and services we offer.