8 Steps to Resolving Conflict with a Contractor

In an ideal world you would always hire the perfect contractor who understands your vision and executes on time, under budget, and with a smile. In the real world, however, that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes conflict arises between you and the contractors you hire.

When that happens, you don’t have to live with frustration and disappointment. According to DIY Network, there are eight steps you can take to resolve conflict with your contractor and create a win-win situation for everyone involved. You can explore these steps in depth here, but we’ve also listed them below:

1.       Define your issue.

2.       Invite only those who can help improve the situation to a discussion.

3.       State the facts surrounding your issue.

4.       Be a good listener.

5.       Avoid the blame game.

6.       Create an action plan.

7.       Read your contract.

8.       Don’t let negative feelings fester.

Your home is among your most important investments, so it is important that any work that is done on it is of the best possible quality, and that the contractors you use are reputable. 

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