7 Indicators You Need New House Siding

House siding can provide your home with a lovely exterior and improve its curb appeal. But if your siding is in bad condition, it may be time for a complete overhaul. So how can you tell if your siding needs to be replaced as opposed to repaired? This is the subject of a great slideshow recently presented by Yahoo Real Estate entitled 7 Signs Your House Needs New Siding.

In addition to explaining what to look for, this article provides you with photographic examples of siding problems you may be facing. The seven signs mentioned by this article are:

  1. Rot that spreads across the exterior
  2. The presence of holes and cracks in the siding
  3. Siding that requires regular maintenance but has been ignored
  4. Drafts near doors, windows and electrical recepticals
  5. The presence of siding that no longer lies flat
  6. Rot, mold or mildew caused by moisture build-up inside your home
  7. You are planning to sell your home and need to improve its curb appeal

You can learn more about each of these seven factors and see photographic illustrations by checking out the full article here.

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Image Source: Random McRandomhead