5 Ways to Update Your Home with a Retro Look

Sometimes giving your home a fresh new look calls for borrowing from the past. But, if it’s your first time venturing into retro home decor, you have to be careful that your vintage finds don’t just make your home look old and outdated.

There’s a careful balance to consider when mixing old with new. Interior designer Kerrie Kelly breaks down the five key ways you can pull off a successful retro redesign in a recent article for Zillow. We’ve briefly highlighted her recommendations below:

  1. Use Saturated Colors–Paint colors go a long way in communicating a retro vibe. Look for colors that were popular in the era you are trying to capture.
  2. Head to the Flea Market–You never know what accent pieces you will find to bring your entire look together. Online auction sites are also an excellent place to look for great antique items.
  3. Add Beadboard and PanelingAdding character to your walls or ceiling with beadboard or paneling is a relatively inexpensive DIY home project that really transform a room.
  4. Buy Funky FurnitureJust one piece of funky furniture in a room can add that Jetson’s futuristic style that was popular in the 70s.
  5. Retro LightingVintage-inspired pendants and chandeliers are the perfect way to give your kitchen a retro look.

To learn more about incorporating these five elements into your retro redesign, you can read the full article here,

Keep in mind there are a wide range of vintage-inspired options for your gutters, windows, and even roofing that can help you expand your retro redesign to the exterior of your home. If you live in the Chicagoland area, the home improvement experts at Baltic Exteriors can help you explore all the available options. Contact us today to discuss your project and request a free estimate.

Image Source:Nednapa Chumjumpa (123rf.com)