5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Summer Storms

All the sunshine that comes with summer is not without a fair share of rain. It’s not too late to protect the exterior of your home from the damage that can come with heavy summer rains.

According to Gutter Helmet, there are five steps you can take now to prepare for stormy summer weather. We’ve highlighted three below, but you can read about all five steps in detail here.

  1. Secure Your Landscaping—Now is the perfect time to trim trees and shrubs to keep loose branches from blowing into windows or other vulnerable parts of your home during heavy winds. Also make sure any outdoor benches or sheds can survive stormy weather.
  2. Fix Your Drainage—Examine your gutters and garden drains to make sure they are in good shape.
  3. Inspect Your Roof—Check for mold growth as well as patches where water may be able to get into your home. Repair those immediately.

If you live in the Chicagoland area and discover problems with your gutters or roof during your summer inspection, you can contact Baltic Home Improvements for help. We can clean, maintain, repair and even replace your gutters if necessary. We also provide comprehensive roofing services. Contact us today to learn why we are an award-winning company that is recommended by both the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.

Image Source: Betancourt