5 Upgrades to Pair with a New Roof

If you are planning to re-roof your home this summer, home improvement experts say you may want to consider five additional upgrades while you are at it to make your roof more beautiful, durable and functional.

In a recent article on Bob Vila.com, author Joe Provey advises homeowners to discuss five upgrades with their contractor when scheduling a re-roofing project. We have highlighted a few of the upgrades below, but you can read about them in more detail here.

  1. Install an airtight chimney cap: Not only does this upgrade keep animals from nesting in your chimney, it also keeps air from escaping resulting in lower energy bills.
  2. Install eave flashing: This upgrade can help you avoid damage from ice dams during Chicago’s harsh winters.
  3. Improve roof ventilation: Taking the time to make this improvement can keep the room’s beneath your home’s attic cooler during the summer so you spend less money cooling them.
  4. Choose an energy-efficient shingle: Modern reflective shingle options can save homeowners between 7 and 15 percent on cooling bills.  
  5. Install low-maintenance gutters: Low maintenance gutters that are easy to clean and maintain are the perfect complement for a roofing upgrade.

If your home is located in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago, you can turn to the trusted experts at Baltic Home Improvements. Our experienced roofers can perform a thorough inspection of your roof, both from the inside and the outside, to determine whether it is damaged in any way. In many cases, minor repair work may be all that is needed to keep your roof in good shape for a few more years. Other times, a full roof replacement is recommended. All our findings will be reported to you in writing.

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Image Source: Tracy Fox (1523rf.com)