4 Flag Hanging Do’s and Don’ts

July is one of the most popular months to show your patriotic pride. If you’re inspired to hang the American flag outside your home, these helpful tips will help you display the red, white , and blue  in keeping with the Flag Code signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942.

You can read the guidelines in more detail in the article Flag Hanging Dos and Don’ts published on the This Old House website. But, we’re sharing the highlights below:

1.       Positioning Matters: You can hang it vertically or horizontally, but take care to always hang it with the stars in the top left.

2.       Shine a Light: If your flag hangs 24 hours a day, you should illuminate it once the sun goes down.

3.       Protect It From the Elements:  If your flag is not made of all-weather material, you should take it down during rain, snow , heavy winds or other inclement weather.

4.       Retire When Worn: Once wear and tear begin to show on your flag, you should retire it respectfully. Your local VFW or American Legion offer to retire flags in a respectful ceremony.

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