12 Inventions That Make Home Chores Easier


Few homeowners actually enjoy doing household chores. After all, that’s what makes them chores. Every now and then, however, an invention comes along that helps make doing chores a lot more bearable. We recently came across several brilliant products that fall into that category.

In a recent slideshow, the home experts at BobVilla.com featured 12 products that homeowners should consider to lighten their chore load. One of our favorite inventions on the list lets you ditch your dustpan for VacPort’s ingenious baseboard vacuum. The magic “portal” draws power from your home’s central vacuum and automatically sucks up crumbs, dirt, and other debris you sweep its way. It even comes with an illuminating LED to help you see if you’ve missed any traces of dust. Surprisingly, this invention won’t set you back too much. You can buy it on Amazon for $59.99.

Another tool we love, claims to make it easier than ever to clean your gutters. At the press of a button, iRobot Looj, a powerful gutter-cleaning robot, will blast away dirt and brush your gutters clean. It’s pricier than the baseboard vacuum with a $219 price tag on Amazon.

You can check out the full slideshow here to see the other clever inventions.

If you’re not ready to invest in a robot to clean the gutters on your Chicagoland home, adding leaf guards can help minimize the amount of debris that accumulates in your gutters in the first place. Contact the gutter installation pros at Baltic Exteriors to see if leaf guards are the right solution for your home.