10 Signs that It Is Time for a New Roof

“Do you like lying in bed and looking at the stars at night? If you don't have a skylight, this could be a sign you need to replace your roof.” – Comedian John West

Homeowners with older roofs may wonder when their aging roof is due to be replaced. The lifespan of different types of roofs can vary from one house to the next and while your neighbors may have needed to replace their 16-year old roof last year, your 20 year old roof may be holding up just fine.

So what are some signs you can look for? The editors at EnglightenMe.com recently published a good list of 10 things that may indicate it is time to call a roofing contractor. The article includes:

  1. Visible damage including missing or broken shingles, algae or moss, and bent or torn flashing
  2. Visible sagging in the middle of your roof
  3. Dark streaks or signs of leaks in your attic
  4. Visible damage around chimneys and vents
  5. Bits of shingles in the gutters
  6. Debris on the roof
  7. Signs of rot or mold along the edge of the roof and the eves
  8. Blistering of ceiling paint indicating a water leak
  9. A roof that is more than 15 years old should be evaluated by a professional

Learn more about each of these factors by reading the full article here

If your home is located in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago, you can turn to the trusted experts at Baltic Home Improvements. Our experienced roofers can perform a thorough inspection of your roof, both from the inside and the outside, to determine whether it is damaged in any way. In many cases, minor repair work may be all that is needed to keep your roof in good shape for a few more years. Other times, a full roof replacement is recommended. All our findings will be reported to you in writing.

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Image Source: Infrogmation